Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kelly Ripa Co Host

Kelly Ripa Co Host - A new, permanent co-host will soon be joining Kelly Ripa on the morning show "Live! With Kelly". Ripa is expected to announce her new TV partner when they walk out on stage together. Producers have been looking for a new co-host since the show's creator, Regis Philbin, left in November 2010.

The producers of "Live! With Kelly" say a new co-host will be revealed on the show Sept. 4.
Disney-ABC Domestic Television said Monday that Kelly Ripa will officially announce her new partner as he or she joins her on stage that morning.

By then, Ripa will have welcomed 59 guest co-hosts since Regis Philbin retired from the show last November.

The company says the chosen one will come from that large pack.
The day before the big revelation, Ripa will host the show solo for the first time. Philbin, who created the show, exited at age 80 after presiding more than 28 years alongside several co-hosts. Ripa became his on-air partner in 2001.

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