Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lana Del Rey new face Jaguar

Lana Del Rey new face Jaguar - Lana Del Rey chosen as the new face of Jaguar, Sultry singer Lana Del Rey has been named the face of Jaguar's new F-Type car line. It's been a good week for Del Rey, who also was named the new face of another company.

The gorgeous, pouting star has signed a six-figure deal with Jaguar to launch their amazing new F-Type. At the very least she’s getting one for her garage too.
The collaboration will be officially unveiled in Paris next month.
I don’t have any pictures of her in the fancy all-new two-seater sports car yet, but here she is in a swimming pool looking amazing.
What a woman.
Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar’s global brand director, said: “Jaguar’s allure is in large part due to its unique blend of authenticity and modernity, two values we believe are shared with Lana in her professional achievements.”

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