Saturday, August 11, 2012

Median Age At First Marriage

Median Age At First Marriage - The marriage age
According to the 2010 US Census, only one-fifth of adults below age 30 are married today, compared with almost 60 percent in 1960.
Couples are waiting longer to marry: In 2010, the national average age of brides marrying for the first time is 26.5; for grooms, it's 28.7.
Why: "The sexual revolution, the result of safe and reliable birth control, clearly played a part in that," researchers say.

This is an incomplete list of the average ages of people when they first marry in various countries. This list is current (from year 2000 or later), and does not treat the topic in history.

Because the age distribution of the marriageable population is skewed, the median age is a more precise representation of the average age. However, for most reporting sources, only the mean ages are given.

Country Men Women Average Year Source
Argentina 25.6 23.3 1991
Brazil 28 26 2006
Canada 30.6 28.5 2003
Guatemala 27.5 24 26 N/A
Mexico 28 25 26.5 2007
Peru 25.7 23.1 1996
United States 28.4 26.5 2009

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