Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Most-stolen vehicles: Not just old Hondas

Most-stolen vehicles: Not just old Hondas, Top 10 list of most-stolen vehicles filled with foreign sedans, American pickups, As it has for several years, the 1994 Honda Accord retained its title in 2011 as the nation's most-stolen vehicle in the National Insurance Crime Bureau rankings. The rest of the top 10 looked familiar as well, with crooks maintaining their preference for imported sedans, Detroit pickups and the occasional minivan. Yet this year's list comes with a warning: After a decade of losing targets to electronic deterrents, thieves are getting smarter.

The major trends in the annual NICB report remain as they have for years, with declining car thefts focused on older models with fewer anti-theft devices whose parts are in high demand. NICB also produces a state-by-state breakdown of the most-stolen models; in Kentucky, the full-size pickups lead the list, while only in Vermont do three models of Subarus crack the top ten.

2011 Ranking          Model                2010
1.                1994 Honda Accord          1
2.                1998 Honda Civic              2
3.                2006 Ford F-150               5
4.                1991 Toyota Camry           3
5.                2000 Dodge Caravan        7
6.                1994 Acura Integra           8
7.                1999 Chevrolet Silverado 4
8.                2004 Dodge Ram            6
9.                2002 Ford Explorer         9
10.              1994 Nissan Sentra         NR

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