Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Piers morgan and todd akin empty chair

Piers morgan and todd akin empty chair, Piers Morgan puts up empty chair after Akin cancels appearance, When the Republican Senate candidate who said "legitimate rape" rarely resulted in pregnancy canceled plans to appear on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight," the CNN chat show host did not hurriedly book another guest for his Monday night show.

Instead, the program turned its cameras on an empty chair. a Missouri Republican, "you have an open invitation to join me in that chair whenever you feel up to it.

"If you don't keep your promise to appear on the show, then you are what we would call in Britain a gutless little twerp." Within minutes, the phrase "gutless little twerp" was streaking around the Internet, and the Morgan stunt garnered Twitter's ultimate accolade -- a parody account. High-profile media figures including Kelly O'Donnell of NBC jumped on the bandwagon, and Morgan himself gave the account a shout-out.

Throughout the show, Morgan kept up the live picture of the "empty chair" in the corner of the screen with a banner that said "Exclusive."

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