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Prince Harry biggest scandals

Prince Harry biggest scandals - Photos of Prince Harry naked and partying in Las Vegas caused a firestorm this week. Here's a look at three other Harry scandals. Prince Harry's naked photos may have gotten him into hot water with Granny, but this is not even the biggest scandal in the 27-year-old's life. Here's a look at Five other Harry scandals:

2002: The teenage prince actually goes to rehab after confessing to drinking and smoking marijuana.

2005: He attends a costume party … in a Nazi outfit.

2010: He plays polo on a horse that had allegedly been stabbed by his spur, prompting animal rights activists to call him "heartless."

Every family has a rebel. For Britian’s Royal dynasty, that title belongs to Prince Harry.

Whether he’s showing up to a costume party dressed as Nazi or using racial slurs to describe his comrades, Harry, 27, has found himself in very hot water over the years, often to the embarrassment of his prestigious relatives.

Most recently, Harry was photographed naked in a Las Vegas hotel room, where he was seen, um, cupping his Royal jewels and, um, getting up close and personal with an unidentified female.

Not the the the best thing to be caught doing, but, if you can believe it, it isn’t the worst thing Harry’s done either.

1. Prince of Ales: Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far, far away, Prince Harry was nothing more than a young impressionable schoolboy (at Eton, granted, one of the most prestigious schools in all the land) and allegedly engaged in a pastime not foreign to 16-year-olds: He experimented. Back in 2002, the British press exploded with reports that after admitting to having tried out cannabis and engaging in underage drinking, Harry's dad Prince Charles ordered him to a nearby rehab center.

2. School Daze: Back in 2004, Prince Harry once again dominated headlines for less than flattering reasons, when one of his former teachers at Eton College made the bold claim that she helped him cheat his way through an arts class, completing some of his schoolwork for him, and claiming that she prepared text—at the behest of the head of the art department, allegedly—to go along with art he created in one of his final projects. The teacher, Sarah Forsyth, made the claims during an employment tribunal held over her unfair dismissal (she blamed Harry; the school blamed her not-up-to-snuff teaching style) and added insult to injury when she called Harry a "weak student." Both Harry and the school vehemently denied the allegations.

3. Der Foot in Mouth: Perhaps the most infamous of all of Harry's tabloid indiscretions was the costume party held back in December 2004, when the then-20-year-old wore a swastika armband to a friend's do. Inevitably, a photo of the royal in the horrendously ill-chosen outfit made the front page of tabloids around the world, most blaring the headline, "Harry the Nazi."

4. Language, Gentlemen: Unfortunately for him, Harry's cultural insensitivity tour continued apace, and yet more hands were wrung and heads hung over a bout of verbal gaffes laid out by the prince. In 2009, a video taken of Harry three years prior emerged, on which the prince was clearly heard describing fellow Army colleagues by racist or otherwise derogatory names. During the footage, filmed while training in Cyprus, he refers to one colleague, Ahmed Raza Khan, as "our little Paki friend," and to another as "a raghead." Even the now-Prime Minister David Cameron spoke out against the utterances, calling it "an unacceptable thing to say." Harry naturally was quick to issue an apology, saying he understood "how offensive this term can be, and is extremely sorry for any offence his words might cause."

5. Royal Rage: Well, we can't say that we blame him for this one. Or that we're disappointed that the headlines that resulted from this particular incident resulted in him being called, at least briefly, Harry Potty. But back in the fall of 2004, the prince launched into what the Mirror deemed "four-letter fury" at a paparazzo who was hounding his every move. The incident devolved into a physical scuffle, and photos of the royal being held back red-faced emerged, as did photos of the offending paparazzo with a cut lip. No legal action was taken.

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