Tuesday, August 14, 2012

rabies treatment for humans

rabies treatment for humans, Humble Rabies Patient to Have Experimental TreatmentZach Jones, the Humble boy who contracted rabiesafter being bitten by a bat in his sleep is being treated with an experimental drug combination that saved the life of the world's only known unvaccinated rabies survivor.
Though the treatment has only worked once (other trials have been unsuccessful, possibly due to bad test conditions), the doctor who invented it, Dr. Rodney Willoughby, is working with the CDCto make this combination of drugs the standard of care in future cases.

Rabiesis caused in humans by the bites of infected animals, which can include any sort of rodent as well as dogs, cats, skunks, and obviously, bats. The disease makes animals unusually agressive, ensuring that they will bite and the virus will be passed along. In our particular area of the US, raccoons are the animals to watch: they account for most cases of rabies. Steer clear particularly of any that are out and about during daylight hours.

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