Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Restaurant two-cent best butt discount

Restaurant two-cent best butt discount, According to an employee of the Texas-based Twisted Root Burger Company, the restaurant chain, known for its "jokey service schtick," has "these random discounts we can give out for fun." One comely female patron was recently rewarded with a whopping two-cent discount for being both the "best looking" and having the "best butt."

Classy or creepy? "She actually laughed about it, she was rather flattered," says Redditor caraficionado24 of the reciept's recipient, who adds, "being attractive has its benefits, it seems haha." Coupons and discounts for diners are becoming more and more commonplace.

But one woman at a Texas burger chain was given money off for having the ‘Best Butt’.

A Reddit user posted a picture of his friend’s receipt, which showed the bizarre mark-down below the unidentified woman’s veggie bowl and fried pickles order.

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