Saturday, August 18, 2012

Richard Nixon Presidential Cocktail Rum & Coke

Richard Nixon Presidential Cocktail Rum & Coke - Now that he’s safely on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, what is President Obama imbibing?

Beer probably. Maybe Sam Adams from Boston or Goose Island, a Chicago favorite that he served at his election party.

But what did other presidents prefer? LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) loved Fresca. He is said to have had a Fresca fountain installed in the White House.

Too bad Ken Basin in the video below didn’t know his presidential beverage trivia. Truth be told, there was also some harder stuff around LBJ to help grease political agreements.
Richard Nixon liked rum and Coke. Gerald Ford preferred gin and tonic (same as Queen Elizabeth II).

Harry Truman was a bourbon guy. Bill Clinton likes tequila and Tabasco sauce. George W. Bush liked too many things in his younger days and now drinks O’Doul’s.

The other presidential GW, George Washington, liked homemade beer. (But he had slaves to make it for him.) The first prez also liked bread in warm milk.

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