Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ryan Lochte Nude Photo

Ryan Lochte Nude Photo - Nude Ryan Lochte pic being shopped, There are reports that someone is looking to sell a nude photo of Olympic swimming champ Ryan Lochte, 28. The picture was supposedly taken by Lochte and sent to a girl he was seeing in college . The photo, however, apparently does not show his face.

We guess the world is going to see what little his speedo has left to the imagination! Or maybe it’s not so little after all! Ha!

That’s right, PerezHilton.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that someone is reportedly shopping around a nude photo of Ryan Lochte, which the Olympic swimmer is said to have sent to a former girlfriend in college!

And although you can’t see his face in the FULL-FRONTAL shot, pretty much everyone will be able to recognize his body now that it was broadcast all over the world during the games…AND you can even see the tan line from his speedo!

Okay, yeah. We’re not gonna lie:


And hey!

If he’s going to force the phrase “Jeah!” upon us all, we think it’s a fair trade to get to see his, ahem, ‘medal!’

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