Friday, August 10, 2012

Texas Warehouse Worker Bees

Texas Warehouse Worker Bees - A massive bee attack put a Texas man in the hospital with more than 300 stings and forced a road to close for several hours on Wednesday.
The Austin American Statesmen reported that as many as 125,000 bees from a massive, 120-pound honeycomb attacked employees in a warehouse in Pflugerville.
A 40-year-old worker was trying to move a wooden cabinet that housed the hive, agitating the residents, the newspaper said.
The man was taken to St. David's Round Rock Medical Center, where he was treated for hundreds of stings and said to be in stable condition.
Two other workers and a police officer were stung, but neither was severely injured.
Firefighters called beekeepers to the scene to collect the honeycomb and moved it to a safe place.
Beekeeper Keith Huddle told the paper that the bees were "going wild" and estimated they had been living in the cabinet since last spring.
A stretch of the road next to the warehouse was closed for about four hours and reopened at noon.

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