Monday, August 20, 2012

Thomas Earle Dating Ashley Dupre

Thomas Earle Dating Ashley Dupre - To borrow one of many classic Office Space quotes, we recommend Thomas Earle use protection - because Ashley Dupre gets around. Like a record.

Poised to ruin yet another marriage, the 23-year-old former prostitute spent a day - and night - cavorting around Manhattan with the handsome, rich president of a major New Jersey asphalt company, Thomas Earle, a.k.a. T.J. Earle, 35.

Earle, 35, lives with a beautiful wife and their two kids fewer than two miles from Ashley Dupre's family home in the Garden State.

Thomas Earle and Ashley Dupre were spotted entering the Gramercy Park Hotel.

They rented a room Tuesday after a long day drinking, dining, shopping and snuggling together in limos, The New York Post reports...

The two then separately left the Gramercy the next afternoon, after spending close to 24 hours straight in each other's company. They walked out of the hotel 10 minutes apart, seemingly to avoid celebrity gossip photographers.

Ashley Dupre, whose trysts with New York Gov. Spitzer - who used to pay $4,300 an hour to tap that - led to his resignation, then hopped into a black Range Rover and sped off. She refused to answer questions from a reporter.

Within two hours, Thomas Earle, who is vice president of The Earle Companies construction business, showed up alone at his McMansion in Wall, N.J.

He parked in back, went inside and then walked upstairs to the bedroom where his gorgeous blond wife, Alisa, was waiting patiently for him.

The Earles - whose home is just 1.6 miles from the house where Dupre lives - refused to talk to the Post when questioned about Ashley.

But when a neighbor was shown photos of Thomas Earle with Ashley Dupre, who was wearing a skin tight leather short skirt, a sexy tank top, sunglasses and stiletto heels, he let out a shocked, "Oh, boy!"

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